Who else is tired of working out only to not see the results they deserve or constantly get hurt for their efforts?

Sometimes we see people working out incredibly hard and not seeing the results they expect.  Will there are many reasons behind why that might be happening, your own body might be limiting your success.  Or sometimes people suffer from chronic injuries, which prevent you from working out altogether.

fms_certified_complete_l1The Functional Movement Screen, is a system that looks at how you move.  Using this screen we can determine areas of weakness, immobility, instability, and dysfunction.  Without proper screening, you may be setting yourself for chronic exercise related injuries, plus you will not know the most important areas of fitness you need to be working on.

Skipping this crucial step is a huge mistake.  We have seen individuals take on too much and get hurt, when simple things could have been done to prevent this.

fmsThe screen involves 7 fundamental movements that look at functional movement patterns, mobility, and stability.  Understanding the information you receive from this test provides you with the exact road map you need to reach your goals quickly and safely as possible.

For the month of December you can save $65 when you sign up for our FMS evaluation.  We will screen you and identify any risk factors or movement dysfunctions that are preventing you from reaching your goal, plus give you the exact corrective exercises you will need to see immediate improvements.

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