SDPT Is Excited To Now Offer A Variety of Rehabilitation Programs To Keep You Moving Well And Staying Pain Free.

Unfortunately sometimes with exercise programs, sporting activities, or just daily activity, we experience joint and muscular pain.  While we may just pass it off as aging, there is a variety of options to get you back to your workouts and back to your normal routine quicker than just resting.

In fact just resting usually will never solve the underlying issues that are causing your pain.  Pain you feel is simply a symptom not a diagnosis.  Pain stems for a deeper issue that must be addressed or you will never truly be pain-free.

We have a variety of experts in the rehabilitation industry to help you discover your underlying movement dysfunctions that are causing pain and give you a program that improves them quickly.  Our goal is to get you in and out quickly so you can return to your normal activity.

All of our therapist will spend quality time with you to help you learn the root of your program and teach you exercises to perform each day to see amazing results.

Depending on your issue we have a variety of specialties.  Some programs will be accepted by most insurance.

To find out more you can contact our therapists to see what your best approach would be:

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