Small Group Personal Training Programs

Who Else Wants A Team Working With Them To Help Reach Their Fitness Goals?

Our the past 7 years we have been working hard to build a friendly and motivating community at the studio.  We know not everyone is a good fit for private training.  Some love competition or just feeding off the energy of others during their workout.  

With our small group training program we have combined the feel of private training and group exercise.  You will still get customization and modifications whenever needed.  In our programs we all perform the same movements with different progressions and regressions that are the best fit for your level.  This way we can work with more advanced and beginners all at the same time.  

We have a variety of classes with different styles but the goal is the same.  Each class uses its own method to help you burn as much body fat as possibly while building strength and lean body mass.  The focus of our program is not just burning calories.  We want to maximize fat loss without sacrificing muscle and bone tissue.  

If you are looking for a lean and toned look, this is the program for you.  

Here is a list of our classes:

Total Metabolic Strength:

This class is a total body workout that will focus on a variety of different goals.  You will improve your mobility, increase core strength, and perform total body strengthening exercises.  We combine strength and conditioning exercises with an emphasis on building lean muscle tissue while burning fat.  

This type of workout should be the staple of any fat loss program and can be modified for any fitness level.  You will be given everything you need to build a solid core, lean arms and legs, plus the strength to perform you daily activities with ease.  This is a 45 minute class.  

Total Metabolic Conditioning:

One of our most popular classes. This workout combines a variety of tools to help burn as much fat as fast as possible. This class will push you harder than you have pushed your self before to get you in the best shape of your life. We promise that after just a few workouts you will be addicted.  These classes are designed to get your heart rate up and boost your metabolism so you continue to burn calories all day.   In this workout you will go through a series of intense circuits using different equipment such as Kettlebells, Dumbbells, Medicine Balls, BOSU Balls, Resistance Bands, Superbands, Heavy Training Rope, Tire Flips, TRX Suspension Training, body weight, or any other crazy ideas we get.

If you hate traditional cardio, like running on a treadmill, this would be the perfect fit for you.  This is the new and more effective way to get your cardio in.  This is a 45 minute class. 

F.I.I.T. Happy Hour & Wake Up:

Functional Intense Interval Training. Happy hour doesn't just have to focus on hitting the bars. If you need a break from the office but want to do it in a healthy way and move your feet than this class is for you. This is a great entry level class to introduce you to strength training and group training. Get the social outlet of a normal happy hour with the health benefits of a workout.  Can't get to the gym after work for happy hour than you can hit us up before with our FIIT Wake Up.  This is a 45 minute class

Shift Fusion:

Many of us want the best of both worlds. A perfect combination of strength and endurance. ShiftFusion gets you moving in a full body strength and cardio workout by using all aspects of our studio.

This 50-minute class is a combination of on-the-bike training and circuit style strength training. Helping you burn calories and build strength at the same time.

Shift Circuit:

Circuit training is no passing fad. It is regularly praised because it helps individuals to work at their own pace and still provides excellent all-round fitness through unique combinations of cardio, strength and flexibility.

The Shift Circuit is a 50-minute total body workout. This class uses the latest in Rogue Equipment for functional fitness. Perfect for individuals of all ability levels, instructors have the knowledge and experience to tailor every workout to your individual needs and goals.

Functional Strength:

This is a full body workout that is designed to help you move better and stronger.  Learn the essentials to movement using a variety of equipment to help you build muscle, boost your metabolism, and burn fat.  Plus develop better mobility to reduce injury and create a more effective workout.   This class is a great balance of strength training and corrective exercises.  

Beach Boot Camp:

We live in sunny Southern California and should take advantage.  This is our only outdoor workout.  Not only outdoor but you get to workout right on the beach.  Along with the gorgeous view at Moonlight Beach in Encinitas, you will get a killer workout in the sand.  The beach makes every movement significantly harder.  

In this workout you will sweat in the sun performing body weight and resistance based exercise designed to burn fat, improve strength, and build stamina.  

Muscle Madness:

Muscle Madness is a fun filled 45-minute boot camp style class. The class is designed to challenge specific muscles by performing timed intervals and circuits combining: muscular strength and endurance, core, functional movement, cardiovascular aerobic and anaerobic systems. An excellent fat burning class from beginning to end, revving up your metabolism for as much as 12 hours after the workout.

We welcome you to get your day started with Muscle Madness!

Spartan SGX Workout:

While any of the classes listed above will help improve your obstacle course racing, this class is designed to improve your tactical skills.  You will learn how to effectively crawl, climb, lift, hang, carry, throw, plus any other skill you need to complete an obstacle course race.  

You will be given the strategies and confidence to complete any obstacle you will be faced with.  This is a great way to get out of your comfort zone and see what you can really do.  Learn the essentials of climbing ropes, the monkey bars, heavy carries, tire flips, throwing a spear, balance training, plus much more.  This is a 50 minute class.